Oscillate plc is an investment issuer designed to acquire investment positions in companies exposed to sectors of the market, the company believe offer compelling upside.

Through this diverse investment policy, the company maintains, the Board of Directors and respective advisors are able to apply immense optionality in assessment and create a unique mix of investments that can appeal to a broad market.


Natural chemicals in Psychedelics have been used for centuries to help cure ailments.  We aim to help find natural non addictive options

Medicinal Cannabis

Oscillate Plc is actively looking at other forms of investments that’s also facilitated in the growth and production of these products. It can range from by-products such as building material, feed and much more.

Specialist Situations

Oscillate Plc has a open view on investments. If there is a project that is financially viable and its the interests and financial gain of the company we will be open minded.