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Psych Capital Plc

Psych Capital Limited Overview

The Company holds 12.98% of Psych Capital PLC, which is traded on the AQSE Growth Market.

Psych Capital is an incubation and investment firm that deploys early-stage capital whilst building or supporting new companies in Europe’s psychedelic science and healthcare industry. Psych Capital operates a leading business-to-business media and content industry data, insights, and networking platform, PSYCH, with over 20,000+ subscribers.

Psych Capital intends to identify, fund and support the building of future companies across three core pillars: therapeutic treatments, drug development, and data/artificial intelligence.

To date PSYCH Symposium events has offered over 80 speakers, including Professor David Nutt, Christian Angermayer and Rick Doblin, welcomed over 3,000+ delegates and generated strong revenue through sponsorship and ticket sales.

Psych Capital is also developing the Blossom Database pursuant to a third-party licensing arrangement, and Psych Capital will work to develop an artificial intelligence platform that will provide biotech companies with advanced clinical data that will be able to fast-track drug development and loop back the real-world data, in a centralized database, to provide feedback on molecules and associated therapy programmes.


Blossom Analysis

Psych Capital owns 51% of Blossom Analysis (with a ROFR on the remaining 49%), a leading source for scientific and regulatory data for the psychedelics industry. Blossom Analysis with Psych Capital is building the industry’s first Software as a Service (SAAS) platform. This will provide real-time data and intelligence products will be available via subscription and will help power the significant growth that the industry is set to experience over the coming years.

Awakn Life Sciences

Awakn is a clinical biotech company researching, developing and delivering evidence-based psychedelic medicine to treat addiction and other metal health conditions. Psych Capital owns just under 2% and has seen a 50% increase in its investment in the three months since closing its initial investment. Awakn’s common shares are listed on Neo Exchange in Canada (Ticker: AWKN.NE)

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